Coming back to Teutoburg Forest Battle scene
Coming back to Teutoburg Forest Battle scene

Illustration for History magazine
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Quote by Tacitus:
In the plain between were bleaching bones, scattered or in little heaps, as the men had fallen, fleeing
or standing fast. Hard by lay splintered spears and limbs of horses, while human skulls were nailed
prominently on the tree-trunks. In the neighbouring groves stood the savage altars at which they had
slaughtered the tribunes and chief centurions. Survivors of the disaster, who had escaped the battle or
their chains, told how here the legates fell, there the eagles were taken, where the first wound was
dealt upon Varus, and where he found death by the suicidal stroke of his own unhappy hand. They
spoke of the tribunal from which Arminius made his harangue, all the gibbets and torture-pits for the
prisoners, and the arrogance with which he insulted the standards and eagles. (Tacit. Ann. I.61)

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